Why Plants?

At Wildewood we believe the answer to so many questions can be found in ever-changing, always giving, nature. We carry that belief with us in everything we do, from educating people on the many benefits of having plants in our lives, to always sourcing a fresh and diverse variety of high quality plants, to, most importantly, arming our customers with the knowledge and tools it takes to love your plants long after they leave our doors. If you ever have any questions, please use our website as a resource here & always feel free to contact us here.



Wildewood was born

out of a desire to disconnect from the digital world and reconnect with nature and ancestry. After an eye-opening road trip to Yosemite National Park in 2014, owner Kate Holl began moving away from her profession in digital photography to lean more into her botanical bliss. She built a greenhouse in her Nashville backyard, took courses on botany and floristry, and read more about her family who made lifelong professions & hobbies out of the craft.

In 2016 she made the leap and co-founded Flora, a mobile plant store turned beloved storefront on Nashville’s Eastside. After two years of building that business, she decided it was time to move on and closer to her Wisconsin roots, where Wildewood was born.




The name comes from a combination of two family names, Wilde & Wood. As she embarked on this venture, embracing family before her and in her native state, Kate wanted to make sure to choose a name that reflected her journey

Pictured: Grandpa’s greenhouse full of geraniums, Milwaukee, WI 1977